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I beg of you!

I beg all of my 7 followers to please follow my new blog. Its the same site, I just had to change some username stuff around and its all a hullabloo.

But I appreciate you following me so much and would be incredibly pleased if you continued to do so!

I love you all. Really I do.

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Is there a Doctah in the house?

What originally started out to be Mr. Darcy has transmorgified and ended up as the adorable 11th Doctor.

It seems that each little amigurumi gets better as I go, so I hope to continue. The doc here poses with my roomie’s sonic screwdriver (I wish I had one). This was the first time I used felt for hair, and i’m still trying to decide if I like it or not, but it seems to be okay for now. I was really mad though, I ran out of the tan for his jacket so I had to patch a sleeve together. When I get more, perhaps I will make a new jacket.

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Run Snoopy, he’s back!

This little guy has been around a while. Manfred Von Richthofen here was my first ever doll (that explains the wonky arms by the way). One of my earlier posts featured Paul the beatle doll, he was a later model after I had the science of figure amigurumi down.

He originally started out with an all black uniform with just an iron cross on his pocket and some goggles, but I wanted a more accurate look, so I changed his uniform to something similar of what he wore during his days in WW1. The red piping is all hand stitched, as are the “buttons”  and cap (pattern free as always). I don’t think he had brown hair, but its all I had at the time and its grown on me. A very dear friend close to my heart, he shows that I really am a nut about aeronautics.

I’ll get around to his boots someday too. Heh.

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Oh Britannia!

I had an extra travel pillow laying around looking dull with its white case, so I decided to jazz it up with some help from across the pond.

I had to figure out a system to try and do this as I couldn’t find a pattern for anything quite like it. I made the red cross with the white outline in the middle first, and then treated each square separately, doing the two blue triangles and then the white stripe closest to the outside, the red stripe and then finally the last white stripe that brought the two parts together.

I’m fairly satisfied with this one, though if I were to ever do it again, i’m sure it’d look a lot better.The back is just a plain blue double crocheted sheet and i stitched it together.

I can try to write a pattern, as is with everything I do, if there is demand for it. =)

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Tea that’s TARDIS strong.

It’s my first Etsy item! I would like to encourage my whole 5 followers (you guys rock) to take a jump on my first craft for sale to the outside world.

As always, this is handmade by myself without a pattern. The windows and signage were quasi-cross stitched into the crochet and a nifty little button is sewn on to keep it in place. Acrylic red heart yarn makes this little cozy a perfect Who-way to start your day (or keep you going during the afternoon).

$10 including shipping isn’t so bad is it? C’mon, help a college student out.

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It’s too cold to go alone. Take this!

There was a change up request from the usual TARDIS scarves for this little ditty. I love Legend of Zelda and spent countless hours running around the Hylian fields, so this was a fun thing to try. The Triforce tried to put up a fight, but I got the better of it in the end. If you would like a tutorial on how to crochet a Triforce, I’d be happy to make one if there is enough requests.

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It’s been a TARDIS factory in here…

The “Fahntastic” scarf took of so well lately that i’ve made 5 and still have 2-3 more to make, as well as a Zelda scarf with the triforce (which will be featured next). Once I am caught up with my orders I hope to have them available for purchase on etsy if anyone is interested.

For now, here is the latest Fahntastic scarf. It comes with a ribbon featuring something tardis-y written on it and a hand drawn bag that’s really bigger on the inside.

(its tissue paper coming out the top there. I like to think of it maybe as the lantern light?)

(and yes, that’s the danny boy embroidery hanging up in the corner! It’s some nice wall decorations for my fish to look at)

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Give ‘em ‘ell Dahnny Boy!

I’m super psyched for my latest who-craft. Between making scarfs for nearly every whovian on campus (the “fahntastic” scarf really took off) I had to do something for myself.

None of you know (yet) but I’m an avid ww1-2 airplane fan and when I saw the episode with spitfires in space I flipped a lid (ask my roomate, it was freak out hard core). So, I decided to freehand embroider/cross-stitch this nifty little spitty crusin’ through the stars. The reference for the spit was found with just a quick google search for spitfire outlines and then I just guesstimated (yes there was much ripping out). All in all though, I was more than happy with the outcome.

More crafts to come! 

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I’ll do you one better congress and tumblr!

Hello, Internet Users! Who takes the Internet takes Freedom of Speech. But bad news everyone. Cos guess who?! Ha! Listen, you lot, you’re all debating about, it’s really very distracting. Could all just stay still a minute? Because I…am…posting! The question of the hour is, who’s got the Internet? Answer - Every 6 and half billion people on this planet!. Next question, who’s coming to take it from them? Come on! Look at them, no legislation, no bill, no acts worth a damn. Oh, and something else, they have everything…to…lose! So if you’re sitting up there in your silly little offices, with all your silly little laws and you’ve got any plans of taking the Internet tonight, just remember who’s standing in your way. Remember every black day we trolled you. And then, and then, do the smart thing. Let somebody else try first. Ah Tumblr users.

(via thetardis)

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Vintagey Notes

This little ditty was a bit of a boredom buster one day. I found a tutorial on Pinterest one day about making your own little notebooks. The catch was you had to buy this special glue online. I said heck with that and brought out the ol’ hot glue gun. The pages are blank index cards. The book cover and back (and whole frame really) was made with shoebox cardboard (the tutorial suggested not using corrugated) and then a colored piece of thicker paper and a piece of scrapbooking paper (more crafts to come with scrapbooking paper). I suppose it doesn’t hold up quite as well with the hot glue, and it’s certainly very hard to bend. The pages come out somewhat easily if you don’t get enough glue in the right spots. There is another tutorial where you sew the pages together which would be interesting.Perhaps another day

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Tha’s Fahntastic!

Fantastic that I got it done in a weekend (with help from a rather intense who-athon). This is my version of the “vworp vworp” scarf, crochet edition. It’s just a standard half double crochet (k hook) with a more outstanding color blue for the TARDIS (also half double but with an H hook I think). A third one is being worked on after someone saw it and wanted to buy one. This just gives me more of an excuse to sit and watch Doctor Who (as I crochet while I’m watching).

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Vworp vworp vworp

Whovians out there know the sound quite well (my roomate and I constantly find things in our dorm that sound like the dear TARDIS, one of them being the sliding door in our bathroom) and who wouldn’t want to take it with them? Perhaps not the sound, but certainly the TARDIS itself!

For my roomies birthday I knitted a striking TARDIS blue scarf in a standard checkerboard pattern (the blocks are 7x8) and then crocheted the lovely TARDIS and stitched it over top. the windows and public call sign are made of regular sheet felt and hot-glued on. The Police Call sign is hand stitched and also hot glued on (hot glue is a life-saver). I am in the process of making myself one in a darker shade because I ended up loving hers so much. That will be posted soon. Grab your needles and Allons-y!

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